3G Biotech

As an emerging biotech company, 3G Biotech (China) Company focuses business in pharmacogenomics to develop diagnostic reagents for clinical practice and to offer services of companion diagnostic gene-test for personalized medicine in China.

Our vision is to be the best partner of pharmaceutical companies for clinical trial and commercialization, to be the best service-supplier of hospitals and doctors in the region of personalized medicine and companion diagnostics in China.

Based on the trend of 4P medicine model combined with actual Chinese market situation, with the cooperation of strategic partner – Xiang Ya Medical University (which was founded by Yale University in 1913), 3G Biotech founded its own R&D center to develop molecular diagnostic reagents for companion diagnostics, and produce those reagents in its own factory.

Personalized medicine and companion diagnostics is still at baby stage in China, Pharmacogenomics and companion diagnostics are still brand-new for most hospitals and doctors.

Three years ago, 3G Biotech started to offer a service package for hospitals to form a clinical network:
Building joint molecular diagnostic labs within Chinese big hospitals, investing PCR and Pyrosequencing equipments, setting up SOP, offering reagents and technicians to offer clinical gene-test for personalized medicine, especially in the region of cancer, cardiovascular disease, immunoregulation and hepatitis.

In the meantime, promotion team of 3G Biotech co-operate with pharmacists, clinical lab doctors and pathologists of these hospitals to educate clinical physicians – mini workshop, CME, etc, to offer the explanation of test result and suggestion for personalized therapy

Developing and producing molecular diagnostic reagents, 25 of joint labs within hospitals (another 15 under construction in 2013), 3G Biotech has the capability to be the best partner for pharmaceutical companies for companion diagnostics.

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